Dr. Miller hosted the Carlive Chain Technical Advisory Council

Recently, AUH Foundation CEO Dr. Miller held a global technical consultation network conference in Hong Kong on the progress of the Carlive Chain project, and listened to the progress reports of technical representatives from various countries. The meeting focused on the optimization process of the Carlive Chain test network and the main online line arrangement. According to the developer's representative Andrew, the main related functions of the Carlive Chain base platform chain and application chain have been developed, and the third internal test has been completed. The browser and wallet have also completed function development and the second internal test. The Carlive Chain base platform chain is expected to go live in a few weeks. With the official launch of the basic platform chain and the birth of the creation block, Carlive Chain will complete its important Newborn phase development and enter the Hopes application development phase. At that time, IOV TOKEN will realize ERC20 to IOV platform Token's holographic network mapping, and 1.7 million users worldwide will enter the independent public chain operation stage.

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