IOV Fun Games New Year surprise Debuts

On February 18th, 2019, the fun games IOV snatch red envelope officially launched, which made by CarLive Chain team and AYocar APP.

IOV snatch red envelope with the same rules as WeChat snatch red envelope. After the player enters the IOV game lobby then chooses the right room . After entering the room, the system automatically matches 4 players, sends the amount of IOV red packets, and the player who grabs the minimum IOV needs to be specified. Send a red envelope in the next time. At present, the IOV snatch red envelope game is divided into four series: 500IOV, 1000IOV, 5000IOV, and 10000IOV.

In each game round, the system will extract 2% of the current game level IOV of each player as the platform operating expenses. The platform's income will be returned to all of the players through the "invitation game commission", "daily sweepstakes" and " Bonus pool bonus ". 

In addition, CarLive Chain has a 1000 IOV experience amounts for each AYOcar user, which is used to participate in experience the game. Players who have run out of experience amounts will want to continue playing can recharge IOV to the game account through the recharge process.

The launch of the IOV fun game marks the further landing of the Carlive Chain car networking application. It is reported that since the end of 2018, the heavy-duty main network test network Newborn1.6 action, Carlive Chain technical team are intensively involved in the development and testing of the main network related technology, Carlive Chain main network official network online can be expected.

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