CarLive Chain MainNet(beta) Officially Lanches

CarLive Chain public chain test network officially launched at 0:00 on January 8, 2019, Singapore.      

The version number of online test network is Newborn 1.6. According to the technical paper, the test network has initially completed the functional development and deployment of CarLive Chain foundation infrastructure chain. AUH Foundation announced that Newborn 1.6 reflected the characteristics of flexible application, high throughput processing, ecological application autonomy, and focus on industry application, which can support the multi-scenario use for Smart IoV Community.

To improve scalability and meet the needs of high performance trading, CarLive Chain not only adopts the DPOS on the infrastructure chain, but also provides a customizable DPOS in the application chain. On the application framework, CarLive Chain classifies transactions, and distinguishes them by two tag bits: "transaction class number" and " transaction model",the platform will package the same type of transaction, enabling the platform to process different types of transaction data in parallel to meet the commercial needs of large-scale applications. Such an application-level transaction classification would enable nodes to process different classes of transactions in parallel to meet the commercial needs of large-scale applications. Meanwhile, the infrastructure chain turns cross-chain transactions between different application chains into reality by setting up a cross-chain trading state machine.



At the same time, AUH Foundation announced that CarLive Chain will be divided into five major technical stages for development on the technical route.

Newborn phase:CarLive Chain Foundation Infrastructure Chain supporting multi-application Scenarios of IoV;

Hopes phase: Providing the toolkit and application framework for IoV decentralized applications development, such as IoV data exchange, personal digital identity, sharing economy, etc.;

Discovery phase: Enrich the CarLive Chain application framework, better support cross-application interaction on the basic chain, extend and access to more smart IoV ecological partners;

Beyond phase: Achieve the Layer 3 Protocol model of on-chain layer, off-chain layer and cross-chain layer, in order to support off-chain transactions, off-chain storage and cross-chain transactions;

Freedom phase: An independent and autonomous IoV community ecosystem basing on CarLive Chain is built, where vehicles provide the most convenient service for people, while people provide the safest mechanism for vehicles.


Meanwhile, AUH Foundation announced that they will provide a more convenient application experience for global blockchain technology contributors. Engineers are welcomed to join the “Hopes” developer program to participate in the CarLive Chain main network ecological construction.

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