YUTU and Tencent’s Gaodeng Technology to Achieve National ETC Self-help Top-up and Invoicing

    On Dec. 20, YUTU and Tencent’s Gaodeng Technology officially singed a strategic cooperation agreement, which will see the two parties conducting in-depth cooperation in areas such as internet big data, block chain technology development and applications in automotive industry.

    Gaodeng Technology is a well-known Internet industry big data service company of Tencent. In August 2018, it cooperated with Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Tencent Company to issue the first blockchain invoice in China. The emergence of blockchain electronic invoices has greatly optimized the invoicing reimbursement process and seamlessly linked the consumption scenarios and tax services.

    The powerful combination between YUTU and Gaodeng Technology will break the traditional ETC market structure and realize the remote recharging and invoicing of ETC cards through the Internet. Car users can carry out ETC convenient recharge and invoice through the Ayocar APP of YUTU to realize the scene of mobile internet and car networking blockchain. Industry experts believe that YUTU has the social portrait and vertical service capabilities of car users. The cooperation between YUTU and Gaodeng Technology in the internet of vehicles blockchain will promote the integration of Internet big data and blockchain technologies, optimize the car user’ experience in car life.

    In recent years, YUTU has carried out extensive technical exploration in the application of blockchain technology, and hired former president of Southcn.com as a senior researcher at YUTU Blockchain Research Institute.  In July of 2018, YUTU and Beidou Tianyun signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Through technological collaboration with BDS, YUTU will establish network worldwide and build connected-car blockchain (IOV) super computingcenters to provide IoV blockchain service in the automobile industry.

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