Pre-order of the Totally New CarLive Chain On-board Miners Coming Soon; First 2000 Receive Huge Amounts of IOV Tokens



On 30 August 2018, CarLive Chain under the AUH Foundation from Singapore announced that it will open its IOV mine to car users around the world with a total supply of 3 billion IOV tokens created through smart contracts.Its blockchain-based encryption technology will help users manage their digital assets and return the ownership of connected car data to car users.

CarLive Chain will officially open preorder of onboard YTminers on 10:00am September 12.

As many people have grown an interest in the YTminers, we have gathered and compiled some information here and are glad to introduce to you more about these groundbreaking miners.

For starters, apart from being used in mining, YTminer also acts as an onboard device which can help car owners easily track locations, enhance car security, replay videos, and examine vehicles. YTminer can also collect live ECU data and map out car owners’ driving habits such as fuel consumption, sudden acceleration and sudden deceleration based on our unique algorithm. Its core functions include providing vehicle maintenance information, tracking car locations, managing driving information, driving rating, historic driving information, warning when losing electricity, traffic violations inquiry, aid service, self-driving tours, shopping guidance and so on.

It is learned there are four different types of YTminers and they are named as ancient beasts: Sabretooth, Mammoth, T-Rex and Megalodon. To encourage car users and value investors of CarLive Chain to contribute to the CarLive Chain community, owners of the first 2000 YTminers will enjoy extremely fast mining speed for the first week after activation. They will also be reward IOV tokens that are equivalent to the worth of the miners, which will be released to owners through 3 months. IOV tokens can be traded on Bit-Z and FCoin currently.




IOV   output during the first week for the first 2000 units

Permanent   improvement on computing power



15000 IOV




25000 IOV




30000 IOV




35000 IOV


Apart from getting IOV rewards, owners of different YTminers will gain different computing powers. The more computing power you have, the more IOV you will gain based on the same amount of data.

As the world’s first blockchain chip based smart device in the connected industry, this new onboard miner can monitor your vehicles in an all-round manner. Your car’s data in the 126 categories will be fully visible to you. This can greatly help car owners and maintenance personnel fully know your cars and eliminate any potential safety risks.

Products will be delivered within 2 weeks after the presale finishes. It’s estimated that the IOV mine and tokenpool will be open in the end of September. Users can then plug in their YTminers and enjoy mining while driving.

How to preorder YTminers


Buying YTminers at CarLive Chain





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